Dango game

Good board game to try, if you are tired of classic Go.
10kyu can beat a 6d here!
Rules and printable cards in english: Game Rules
Rules in russian: 10kyu.ru/dango/

Of course you will need a standard Go set

Pity that we cannot play Dango on OGS. But maybe one day …


Hello/Privet Breakfast,

I had recently posted on Life 19x19 trying to learn the rules for DANGO. I printed the cards but still have some questions. I am glad to see the rules and will have to look at them more carefully. From just a quick look at the rules, I did not see a clear description of how to start.

Do u start with a pile of cards? Multiple piles? What about the backings do they have a signifigance?

It looks and sounds like a fun variant and hope to play it soon. : )

Thank you!

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