Dark Theme for the forum! Yay!


I found this thread from 3 years ago and was wondering if there is an update on whether the forum could have a dark theme like the main site has?





As far as I know it’s not possible with Discourse, not without affecting everyone.


That’s a shame :frowning: I’d really like the dark theme option as I have OGS setup with that, and switching between the two tabs later at night can be quite blinding going from full black to full white haha


I totally agree :slight_smile: But it’s a bit out of our control unfortunately.


Ooh, apparently this is not true (anymore?) https://meta.discourse.org/t/allow-users-to-select-dark-light-theme/60857

I’ll look into it a bit when I’m not writing code :slight_smile:

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OK Dark theme is available! It needs some color tweaking, but it’s a lot better already than the white this late at night!

To enable go to Preferences -> Interface and select the theme there.


Awesome! Well done :slight_smile:

First tweaks I can immediately see is the top left OGS logo and a slight darkening of the blue colour but absolutely magnificent to have a dark theme for the forum <3

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:man_cartwheeling: :beers: :balloon::tada: :rocket:


Awesome, thanks for the change.

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OGS logo changes now. Neat!


Thanks for this - I didn’t think I’d like it, but I’m really appreciating the dark theme!

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Hellz yes.

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Ooh thank you, very nice :3