Date display in forum comments [resolved]

Currently, old posts are displayed Mmm 'YY
and recent posts are displayed Mmm DD

Sometimes it’s hard to see the apostrophe that distinguishes a year from a day making it unclear when a comment was posted (was it the 15th of September this year? Or was it September 2015?)

I don’t have a specific preference on how one or both of the dates are changed but I think it would help if it was immediately obvious whether a comment was from a previous year or the current year.

Depending on consensus in the comments here I’ll probably lodge it as a request on github in a day or two.

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That appears to be a pretty easy change, too, from within Discourse settings:


or three.

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EDIT: oh it’s already posted :smiley: I am a bit slow… disregard the message then

Not sure if it belongs on OGS github, since the issue is completely separate from OGS code… Just from a “neat-freak” point of view :smiley:

But I guess our glorious developers can sort that out however they want once they see it :slight_smile:

Had you have commented earlier, I would have obliged… it’s really more of a reliable place to poke anoek haha and if it’s as simple as driph says he may just change it on the spot.

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ahah… When I saw the github issue, I thought the idea was great but the place was wrong :smiley:

Not that critical anyway :slight_smile:


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Nice all fixed up :slight_smile: 'YY has been changed to YYYY seems to do the trick :slight_smile:
Thanks @anoek for taking the time to look at this and @driph for pointing us both to a ready made solution :slight_smile: