DDK review 6: An Active Opening

The latest review.

Please express your appreciation to @xhu98 for his help in this series. I have learned a lot so far and I hope you have too. :smile:

Thanks to @Mourner for the submission.


Thank you so much for reviewing my game!
Beautiful review, I’ve learned a lot from it, and agree with all my faults.

Re move 26 — after I get a strong wall like this, I always has this fear that all the thickness I gained from opponent’s corner invasion will get fully wasted if I don’t make a move that somehow relates to it. :frowning: I imagine getting even more far behind if black gets the tengen. Maybe that’s just because I can’t get off that beginner “mojo” thinking. I’m also not good at non-trivial invasions and generally consider something a territory too early (all the potential invasion points you pointed out are pretty non-obvious to me).

Any recommendations for getting better at invasions? I’ve read Attack and Defense and got some nice insight from it in terms of general strategy and direction of play, but not enough in terms of invasions when lagging behind. :frowning:

And one more question — in the variations when there’s a corner approach - pincer - corner invasion, why does black blocks from the outside both times? If we continue with the other way, white is left with tiny corner territory and one stone near a huge black wall and things look better for black…

Thanks a lot again!

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Fundamental Principles of Go and Get Strong at Invading both really helped me deal with invasions in my games. They both have common invasions and the sequences following. Also, watch stronger players and see how they handle invasions. The hardest part, imho, is staying flexible while trying to deal with the invasion. The point is to use the attack to gain advantage, you just have to figure out where those extra moves will do you the most good.

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you are asking for here. Could you set up a demo board and show me?

at 28 seconds … it says that W is too passive. But didn’t white follow the advice of prioritizing corners, then corner enclosures, then sides (where 4-4 doesn’t count as corner enclosure, or so I’m told)? And W had a mix of 4th line and 3d line, which I’m told is good. Isn’t the left side a “big move”?

it’s not that I disbelieve you, I just want to reconcile some of the pieces of advice I’ve picked up with the video.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

White’s move is not bad (it would be better on the fourth line however). It is very big, making a framework to try and match black’s framework. Such a way of playing is possible. But if both players just try to increase their frameworks like this, black will take the initiative in the game, because he his always one move ahead. Playing an approach move is more “active”, since it has two goals: building white’s territory, and limiting black’s at the same time. This way white can try and take the initiative away from black. White’s move in the game only has one goal, building the left side.

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