DDK What Do You Struggle With?

Trying to get some ideas on what I can teach more of. So DDK or Beginners, what do you struggle with or not understand?


Why usually cutting and/ or hane is the way to go, but when I do it I just get a cutting point.


How to make eyes from good shape, or bases.
How cutting points and weaknesses in shape (two space jump, one space jump, elephant’s eye, etc.) work, or how good shapes are strong/how to respond to attacks.
Knowing when to defend, or when I have weaknesses

  • How to keep calm in byoyomi time? I play tons of err when I have not enough time. Although I think the half fun of Go lies in handling err during byoyomi time, I want to play less err than my opponent.
  • How to plan a big war of ko? I play ko always just in time, I don’t know how to plan ko?
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