DE Tournament Bug?

See this tournament. It was double elimination. I lost a round and went to the bottom losers’ bracket. Then I made it to the final round against the undefeated player LSD25 in the top bracket. I won the game, which gave me the tournament title. But the guy I beat never lost a round. Seems like the final round is single elimination. Shouldn’t we have done one more game so that LSD25 could have two loses before losing the whole tournament?

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Not a bug.

But I agree, the final match should be a Bo3 IF the finalists haven’t played each other before.

I agree @theexternvoid. @smurph, are you certain that this is not a bug?

If the final match includes a player who never lost a single round, a second match (to reflect that in DE every player should be guaranteed a single loss AND still be able continue on. Since this did not happen for LSD25, it seems that the Double Elimination code should be updated to address the issue.

LSD25 was held to the rules of Single Elimination while participating in a Double Elimination tournament. Whether it is a bug or a coding error, there is no doubt that if this scenario occurs, not every single player in a DE tournament is bound to, or afforded the benefits of, the rules of a DE tournament :thinking:.

Previous conversation on the issue is available here: Double elimination, eliminated on first loss
Perhaps a mod could merge the threads?

Thank you for sharing this Kosh. I wonder if @matburt is still open to changing this? If so, my vote is to change it.

@smurph I see why you stated it was not a bug now. I’m assuming you read this thread or saw this discussed elsewhere. But if you saw it in site documentation somewhere, can you let me know? I’d like to find it and add it to my Group. I run a lot of DE tournaments and I think it warrants mentioning.


I am playing in a double Elimination tournament, and in the tournament i have lost to @theexternvoid and @duenda, yet i am still competing in the tournament against @mgv (another competitor in the tournament) who is facing me and at the same time he is facing @theexternvoid witch is weird since you are only supposed to face one person at a time in these tournaments, and another strange thing is that the game between me and @mgv is not on the tournaments page like it should be. There is a bug in this tournament right?

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