Decimal point missing?

In game Ranked, 9x9, there are three places where AI has determined a really bad move. These are typically shown as “-79” in a circle.

I think this must be a software error. It should show as “-7.9”, no?

I have also seen cases where “-79” is meant not to have a decimal point, because a player didn’t notice that a very large group had just a few liberties, and it was captured. When there are 40 stones in the group, capturing it could give 80 points, right? At least in Japanese rules, the only ones I barely understand.

I do apologize for suggesting that OGS might have a bug. I’m probably just not understanding something.

It’s -79% winrate. You can ask the AI to determine the point loss here:


Thank you so much! I wish there were Help buttons on OGS dialogs…

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There’s a big table of contents at Home · online-go/ Wiki · GitHub which includes Understanding the AI review and many other topics, such as Keyboard Shortcuts which you have expressed interest in.