Defending an edge invasion [9x9]

At move 18 of this game, the AI review says that the edge invasion is a bad idea. I do not understand why. The AI reccomends B6 as a response, and the playthrough has white responding with C8. Why does white not respond with A6 instead?

I’m not sure I understand. I think you mean B6 (not A6) as a response, as opposed to H4. H4 is not a bad idea, it’s only -0.3% on the win rate, so it’s a tiny difference.

I put a variation to extend what you showed for white A6. Looks like white dies.


Thanks, didn’t see that.

The monkey jump didn’t work because of two reasons. First, the white base from which the marked stone jumped is still weak. Second, the nearby black group is very strong, which can capture the upper white group if not well formed in the endgame.