Delayed games offers page

Imho it would be great to have a place where users of OGS may post game offers for later.

This could help for many situations and kind of games which can’t be fitting in the system.

Like with holidays or working time schedule.

Like with rengo.

Like with long time live games…

It could be a tab between chat and forum in the menu.

I don’t think that the forum is a sufficient place for this because there are much less users of the forum and because forum organization makes threads “disappear” after a while. We need a permanently visible place to everyone.

I thought of a link to a dedicated forum category, in which each thread is a game offer discussion. You need easy visualization of the whole category too.

What’s your opinion?


This sounds great ^^

I’ve often wished for a way to post or schedule live games for future, especially with longer time settings/serious games, or to see when others interested might want to play games + have an open schedule ^^

Also all great ideas, sometimes it’s difficult to gather players for a live rengo in real-time, or to know one will find an opponent with certain timesettings + requirements on a future day one will be free & wishes to play, and simpler to schedule.


2 person tournament? :yum:

Yeah, that’s too. Whatever is delayed. I surely missed some more.

This doesn’t work because a tournament has at least 3 rounds. You would need a 2-person “tournament” with 1 round. Unless players just don’t show up in rounds 2 and 3.

Edit 1: Actually I think this works with Swiss pairing.

Edit 2: the drawback is that the games are necessarily rated. In some cases you want to schedule an unrated game for later, e.g. a teaching game.


Sorry but i didn’t understand your point.

I said that if you want to schedule a game for later, as benjito said, you can create a 2-person tournament with Swiss pairing (so that there is only one round). But you can only create a rated game this way, since tournament games are always rated.

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There could be much more elaborated functionalities, like integrating a calendar (the android or pc calendar?), the organisation of a tournament, autostart on a fixed schedule etc…

But I m just proposing at first a convivial ergonomic and visible meeting place for postponed games

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