Delete a match, not for the reason you might think :D

Hello, I was goin to loose a ranking match (in a really baaad way), but at the end the opponent resigned.
Is there a way to delete this “false” win, from me? I dont feel good having it in my match!
I deserved to loose! Is ok even to change the result, in me loosing it.
Here is the match:

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You can ask mod to annul match, but dont worry too much about it - just continue playing and it will fix itself.

In general you should resign if your position is hopeless - if in doubt play, but if you are losing and have no chance to recover just hit that resign button.

About that specific game - your opponent is stronger than 20k, he done similar thing few times… either he is sandbagging or just bored after getting winning position - either way is bad for him.

Yeah I think that maybe I was unpolite to keep playn that match, it was over allready.
But he could just say that.
I will ask the mod to annul the match, thanks!
How to do it?

In right menu there is “call moderator” or you can send pm to one directly. Describe what happened and why you want to annul match, it might take some time.