Delete my non active group

I read the other threads regarding this topic but the problem has never been adressed or so it seems.
I created a group some time ago.
Useless group, never been a single game played.
Yet I couldn’t delete it.
So I simply left it.
There’s no admin either.
Is it possible to delete it please? Because I want to use the exact same name for something else.
It’s confusing if both have similar names.
Thank you for your understanding.
Please reply.

Don’t have this option? Shows up when editing the group.

But even if not, why not just update the group to your current needs if you own it?

Nevermind. Methinks you can contact a mod to give you admin permissions again.

Also, linking a related thread:

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On a related note, is there a way to automatically purge inactive group members? I mean, I’m quite happy to cull people left, right and centre, but I think the other admins in my group feel a bit uneasy about it. If it was automatic, then I guess they won’t feel so guilty.

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One reason to keep inactive members: you show up higher in the groups list!

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Thank you for your quick response benjito!
Alas the group doesn’t have any admin, I simply left the group back then, I think because I didn’t have the actual option to “delete” it as you’ve shown on the screenshot.
(it was about a year ago)
I checked the other day and there never has been any activity in this group…
So I guess all I have to do is contact a mod?
How do I do that?
Thank you for your help.
(I also sent an email to OGS’s contact address, however I didn’t get a reply, same thing last year, they never replied, I just didn’t think about contacting a mod)

That’s a good question. I think this is the list:

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