Delete one move in variation (SOLVED)

I’m trying to do this Guess the black stones - #337 by le_4TC here Guess the opening.

I’m not very familiar with the variation thingie, how can I undo just the last stone I placed in a variation, since it’s already a variation? I tried the left-right, it just moves on the board, but doesn’t undo the move. I tried the delete, it deletes the whole branch.

Why doesn’t it branch, like in the reviews?

Plz help.

So, with a little help from @snakesss, the answer is “backspace”. :slight_smile:

If you use the left arrow, you end up with something like this

But if you use the backspace, it completely deletes the last move you are on, so you can have the cleaner this

I’m just posting this in case anyone needs it in the future.