Deleting a tournament record

If I want to delete a tournament record that was created by another user in my group, what should I do?

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A tournament with played games?

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No. I mean tournament record. It is an option in the group.


Here. I mean right button option. Not middle.


I don’t believe there is a way currently. Perhaps @anoek knows more than I do :sweat_smile:

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Huh, guess I never added the button. The backend endpoint is there. For now you can do this manually by going to the tournament record, looking at the address bar to get the tournament record id: image

then going to and click the delete button there.


Anyone want a quick UI patch to do, should add a button to do that on the tournament record edit page :sweat_smile:


I want that patch! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I tried. Did not work. No reaction at all.

Same experience.


I would just like to echo my interest in seeing a way to delete these records added. In my group a lot of people played with the feature, but not a single record is genuine. I tried to manually delete a record using Aneok’s manual fix method, but nothing happens when I click the DELETE button.


the work around doesn’t work

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I need this to tidy up the mess that a few helpers have made in one of our tournament records :sweat: In a sense the information is there, so not “absolutely critical”… but having a delete button for tournament records and for rounds within a tournament record seems so basic need to be still unresolved XD

@anoek , the suggested workaround fails, as loading that page gets a 404 error when looking for . Thus jquery is not loaded and the page buttons are unresponsive.

I managed to actually erase a few tournament records and tournament rounds by manually creating the HTTP requests myself using curl, by copying the information from the browser dev-tools. It is probably best to add those delete buttons to the interface, but in case it helps anybody else, the curl requests I used were (you should change YOUR_SESSION_ID, YOUR_TOKEN and YOUR_USER_AGENT to the values you see in the browser devtools when logged in with your user):

To delete a Tournament Record:

curl -X DELETE -H ‘X-CSRFTOKEN: YOUR_TOKEN’ -H ‘upgrade-insecure-requests: 1’ -H ‘user-agent: YOUR_USER_AGENT’ -H ‘referer:’ -H ‘cookie: csrftoken=YOUR_TOKEN; sessionid=YOUR_SESSION_ID’ ‘

To delete a specific Tournament Record Round (must first look at the json shown in anoek’s link to find the precise ID of the Round to delete), do exactly as above but the url in both referer and the DELETE request url itself should be something like


Wow, thanks for the detailed research and our appologies for not noticing sooner that there was at least a semi-urgent need. I’ll try poking anoek a bit to see if it might be prioritized a bit if it’s a relatively easy fix.

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Any updates on this?

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