Demo board - edit player names

Hey. We could do this before but after some update it’s impossible to edit players names and ranks in the demo board.

It’s a useful feature. When you want to make a relay it’s nice to make a demo board before the game started (and before you know players colors) and swap the player names if you didn’t guess colors correctly.

Also sometimes you make a mistake in a name or rank.

From the user’s point of view there’s no reason to prohibit name editing.

Change it back, please.


Whoops, yeah that wasn’t intentional. It’s been fixed.


I would like it if we could also edit names in uploaded sgf files.

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You can, that’s what the fix was for :slight_smile:

Uploaded sgfs aren’t the same as demo boards.

Ah :man_facepalming: sorry

Hello again. It doesn’t appear to be fixed. The field is editable but the changes are not saved into demo board.

They’re saved on the demo board & reviews profile list:
(displaying what I want)

But not in the demo board itself:
(displaying not what I want)
And not in the game information of the demo board:

(displaying not what I want)

Demo board in question:

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