Demo board - numbering stones starting with white

A bump for a suggestion from @tulloch which was automatically closed and prone to disappear forever but which i found interesting too…


Not sure if this is what OP meant.

Place the white stone, click on the 1 (right of capital A) and click on the white stone.
Result you see above.

He just don’t want to do it manually. I mean like 250 times

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Well maybe this is possible in the puzzles section.

(1) On the set up page I placed 4 handicap stones.

Don’t forget to change Player Color from Black to White.

(2) On the moves page you can play the game starting from White 1.

This is the best I can think of.

Feels like solving a cold case. :rofl:


Yeah there’s a couple workarounds (I mentioned a few myself in the original thread) but what OP is asking for is a reasonable request (support handicap games in demo)

I don’t really have a pressing need for this feature myself, but I’m curious whether the backend is set up for this or not. If so, the frontend changes would be relatively straightforward (just provide a handicap field in the Demo creation modal)