Demo board quirks

Dear @anoek, @matburt and OGS community!

Here are two things I noticed about the demo board:

  1. A demo looks like a review of an empty game - it even says “Review” on the right. All the moves seem to be placed in a variation while the main branch stays at move 0. Besides the awkward-looking move tree, it breaks the [End] shortcut (should go to the end of the game but actually always goes to move 0).
  2. I just drew and marked some stuff in a variation and shared it. Afterwards, when I mouse-over the variation name in chat, all the doodles and markings appear (correctly). When I take the cursor away from the link, the goban reverts to the previously active node (correct), but the drawings stay on the board (unexpected)! They went away when I moused-over a different variation and the unexpected behavior disappeared entirely after I shared another variation without markings.
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