Demo Board


I just started learning Go, and I’d like to get my friend into it. The demo board is a nice concept, but it has flaws. Here are some features I’d like to know how to use, and some I wish were present:

  • I wasn’t sure how to let my friend use the board along with me. I figured out that I could click the users symbol above chat, click his username, and then click Give Control. This didn’t seem to work entirely. I then found out that I could click the lock symbol below the board and add a user to the Access Control list. This worked, but it was hard to figure out.
  • I sometimes mis-clicked and clicked the X button to delete the last move(?) or the entire branch(?), I’m not sure which, but the branch was not deleted for my friend.
  • I’m not sure if I can switch board size in the same session, or have branches on different sized boards in the same session, but these features would be cool.
  • I’m not sure if I can create scenarios and save them on my profile to pull up later.

Any tips on how to better use the demo board would be nice,

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Maybe is what you’re looking for? Not nearly as full featured as OGS, but it might be what you’re looking for in this specific use case, as far as I can tell.

This is more of what I was talking about, thanks! Although, it would be nice if the demo board could be made easier to use with these features in mine. Heck, I love the coding that has gone into this website, and I would be willing to learn and do it myself if I could.