Demo-games in the graph

Demo-games in the graph with a different color, would be nice.


I think graph is made to help people find games they would like to play or observe, not sure if demo board should be showed there. However, there could be an option to show a demo board in case of some public review etc.
When talking about demo boards, looks like it is no longer possible to find our own reviews or demo games in personal game list. Why?

yeah i agree. the operative word here is “observe” =) when i feel like observing something, demoboards with either lectures, progames being played or something else educational is on the top of mylist.

I think this is very nice suggestion. Demo games should be on the graph for sure. If not for all then at least the ones that are “featured”(bu moderator) or just the demo games that hit a certain spectator count(10+?) those would automatically be shown on the graph.

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