Demoboard Bug?

I wanted to test the Demoboard function of OGS and couldn’t use it at all.
First of all, I cannot play any stones because the board is stuck in “loading”-stage. I can pass and click the editing tools but cannot use them on the board.

The Title ist: “review from: [NULL USER]”

I tested the demo board with two very new accounts - email-address verified (if it is important for you).
I’ll check if this is related to the created broadcasting accounts or not later.

As we want to use OGS to broadcast the top board of the KidoCup in two weeks it would be rather important for us to have a working broadcasting-tool.

This sounds like it is related to a loading problem that has recently developed on the site. Unclear whether it is the site, or Firefox add-ons that are the source of the problem. See this link: Site loading without data



it’s working with Chrome - thank you.