Desktop Screenshot


A thread for sharing your Go desktop screenshots.

Here’s mine:

OS: archlinux
Windows Manager: i3-wm (tiling manager)
On the left half of the screen is quotebrowser showing a game I’m observing in OGS’ “zen” mode. Behind it is an instance of firefox browser - I find this workflow pretty convenient as it allows me to conveniently switch this portion of the screen from playing/watching a Go game to doing other things with a touch of a button. (which works pretty well on this small laptop).

On the right, I have weechat (IRC) on top and a book opened underneath.

For studying, I usually have a book opened on the right and sabaki (sgf editor) on the left so I can use it to play out the different exercises from the book.

As you can see from the book I’m reading, I’m still in the very beginning of my journey, but I must say, I’m really liking the beautiful design from OGS! Zen mode looks so clean and minimal! :):kissing_heart:

The screen is dimmed down a little bit because I have redshift running (similar to f.lux for windows), which changes the warmth level and brightness of the screen at night to reduce eye strains.

Go on linux turns out to be a very nice experience - both OGS and KGS work flawlessly.

Got an interesting workflow or simply want to showcase your “go” desktop? Don’t hesitate to post in this thread! :smiley_cat:


OS: archlinux
Window Manager: i3-wm (tiling manager)

The left monitor has build and running output
The left column of the center monitor has code that i’m currently actively working on
The right column of the center monitor has the build output / current view of things
The right monitor has reference code or other things (chat, music, etc)

And sometimes i get to play go too :wink:


Just browsing the forum …


Of course this thread would be incomplete without a good shot of the chat room. You have to love all the excitement (and the occasional arguments) that happen over there day after day!