Detailed Review: xhu98 [1k] vs. pathogenix [7k]

Hello everyone!

This is my first review! It is a game between me and pathogenix, who played a couple of strong moves here. I did the review in much detail, and gave analyses for several crucial situations in the game. I hope if I continue doing reviews this way, we will discover a lot to learn!

Feel free to tell me if they are any errors in the comments and variations :smile:


Thanks @xhu98 I really appreciate the level of detail in this review, and hope I can learn enough from it to crush you when we rematch :smiley:


Thanks for the effort, this was a very nicely done review!

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Thank you all for reading this review! And @mark5000, thanks for the additions! :smile:

I have edited the review with new suggested variations and comments from @mark5000, @Mr Newby and @gamesorry. Corrections still welcome!

Celebrating 1-year anniversary of this today :smile:

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