Developers want to help make some small teaching features?

Are the some developers that would help polish the teaching features on OGS. I’m thinking mostly small features until teaching becomes the priority features for OGS. (They are working on stuff for E-congress atm and are understandably busy.)

Some small features include,

Filter for game list.
Time stamps on moves. (So I can see how long my students spend on a move. They don’t want me to know :smirk:)
A button to count the triangles and squares on a board. This would let me show how I count the territory.

This one is a little more involved but improvement on the fork game for teaching games. It’s annoying to have to resign and fork the game again and again. I would like the ability to take control of the game at any time and then reset the players. Maybe in demo boards or my own reviews?

The ability to use AI on my reviews. I would like to toggle on and off the ai for when I’m reviewing a students game. It can be very helpful in the opening. But I’m currently using 3rd party sites for this. Again though, this one is also a little involved.

Just having someone to talk to about small features we can do to make teaching just slightly easier would be great.


Are you aware of the thread Feature Request: Teaching mode from March–April?

You might want to copy your text into there as well, for better archival.

I’m also happy to link your more specific earlier thread Feature Request: Add Clock time on moves (again March–April) for information reference.

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Time stamps on moves.

It might be nice to have that actually on the stones.

So a five second move would have a 5, a thirty-second move a 30, an eighty-second move 1:20 etc.

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