Device specific settings

I use OGS both on my desktop computer and on my tablet (iPad.)
When I’m on my desktop I would like moves to be submitted immediately.
When I’m on my tablet, due to touch inaccuracies, I would like to make a move, verify it, and then submit.
Could the setting differentiate touch from mouse clicks, and have a different setting for each?
If not, could the setting be overridden for a device using client side storage.

Would be of great help.


If they haven’t changed it very recently, it should still do that. Settings are stored in cookies, as long as you keep them, you can maintain your favorite settings per browser.

If this is true (and I will check that) it is completely unintuitive, since the settings appear as part of the profile.

@flowing it seems you are right, it should be clarified in the settings that these are device specific settings.

I didn’t know this feature too. and it would work for me as well. thanks for the info. (I prefer dual entry in the tablet and single play on the pc).

another topic but: i was quite surprised a few times that my touches were permanent plays on the iPad, and sometimes before playing a stone, I do hit different potential locations to visualise the upcoming play… So it is painful to have played a “trial click”… I keep my Chrome settings for dual play. Can it be the browser resetting the cookie to the PC settings? (may it be because that the Chrome on iPad crashes occasionally (i don’t know why)).