Did 9x9 Komi Just Change from 5.5 to 6.5?

I noticed in a game today that the computer seemed to be giving white 6.5 komi in a 9x9 game, as opposed to 5.5 in all the 9x9 games I’ve played previously here. Is this a glitch or a policy change? If it’s a policy change, can we discuss it? For a long time I’ve been trying to argue that the correct komi for 9x9 is in fact 6.0, based on the computer evaluations of the opening position that this site supplies after each game.

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Thanks. It’s good to know that I’m not going crazy. But I still think that the komi should be 6.0! So I took my case to that thread as well.

I updated the title of the announcement to make it clear Komi is involved.

Good luck with komi changes … at least this change proves it can be done :laughing:


(Just in case anyone reads this thread and doesn’t see the answer in the other thread, here’s a link: Draws, handicap & komi changes, and ranking limits lifted - #17 by dexonsmith)


But it seems strange to give White the advantage, when you set color to automatic the stronger player gets white…


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Maybe it depends on whether you think getting to play first (choosing your favourite opening like tengen etc) is more of an advantage than one point.

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