Did I miscount this endgame?

I resigned since I thought my opponent was at least 15+ (probably 20+) points ahead, and I did not see any realistic way to close that gap.

However, my higher-ranked opponent remarked that he thought it was still quite close, so maybe I’m missing something or did not count correctly? Did I resign too early?

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I count 20 points of diference so…


I posted a variation with my endgame, score guesstimator says W+11.5 . Manual counting gives W+ 16.5.


I count W+19.5, https://online-go.com/review/307421


Thank you all for the reviews. I was getting worried that I had overlooked something and needed the sanity check. Even the (flawed) OGS score estimator was saying B+25-ish (albeit with white stones incorrectly marked as dead).