Did I steal this game?


I played this 13x13 game: https://online-go.com/review/256076/

After both of us passed we counted the points. The stones marked with triangles were removed by the automatic counting, I put them back. I can’t see a way in which my opponent captures them or prevent me from making 2 eyes.

Am I wrong? Could those stones be dead?
If so, how can I revert the results? It was a ranked match.


Assuming best possible play by both players the black stones are alive, computer was wrong.


Not only that, but in the end the scorer failed to award you those 5 points of territory.

If anything it scored against you. Luckily that doesn’t change the result. A bug worth noting though, should @anoek take a look?


Do not summon him so lightly, mortal!

There three states the stones can be in. Alive, dead, or alive in seki. OP just didn’t click enough…


I have seen this before in my games, the scoring system isn’t really perfect, and there is not much the devs can do to make it better.
I guess we have to just use our best judgement, and maybe play it out when we disagree. Basically, if you feel like they are alive, put them back in, if your opponent disagrees, cancel the scoring phase and play it out. Unfortunately, one of the many things that makes internet go not as friendly to beginning players is something hard to solve…