Did my opponent resigned prematurely?

I was slightly better but I think my opponent resigned little bit early.

Am I right or was it over for him/her?

Here is the game: https://online-go.com/game/4407798

Can somebody review it for me?

I upload it here for quick view:

4407798-189-georg.cueto-nullx002.sgf (1.5 KB)

I agree with you. Especially at this level, so much can still happen in the endgame. Seemingly dead groups survive or even big groups might die…
For example: white’s group in the upper right (R12): who can tell if you would be able to kill white? On the other hand, your black group in the center around K8: if you miss the chance to connect to your black group on the right or make two tiny eyes in the center, this group is in danger.

I sometimes think it takes as much skill to judge who is winning the game as it is to playing itself. As long as I’m not 100% convinced in my skills I’d rather play a bit too long and bore my opponent in the worst case then to give up in a game that I might have won.