Did Yellow Mountain Imports (YMI) stop selling books?

Perhaps old news. But couldn’t find any confirmation, not sure if it’s just during corona.

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Someone posted about this about a week ago, iirc. I think I read that the owners are a married couple who decided to retire and shut up shop.


They are shutting down entirely? Their website still seems to be up and offers no indication of an imminent closing. Where did you see that post?

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Well, site looks very much alive and kicking.

Can’t say I remember now. I also saw that the site looked fine and forgot about it, until OP jogged my memory.

Website is fine. But no more books. It’s been like this for a while.

I could be wrong, but they used to sell books? But not anymore.

edit: Never mind, I think this was just a troll/joke. I mean he couldn’t have missed the word “book” so many times.