Did you know that Fuego is strong?

I wonder what was going on back in 2017? How the hell it reached 8d?

Are you sure it did?

My very first game on OGS was against that bot, in 2016.
Looking at that game now, it’s rank seems to be 1k at that time. I don’t really trust OGS interface about that.

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Well, game info supports this 8d.

Replayed this game.
Don’t think this was 8 dan level of playing.

That problem again, you can’t trust recalculated ranks of ancient games


A game from 2017 is ancient?

Then I wonder what would you call the game between Sunce (white) and Lai Fan (black) from AD 121.



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After last rating system update, ranks from game info and game chat are unreliable

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A place to check “older” bots is the tournament archive of KGS, they organized every year since long ago bots championship.

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As reviewed by Nick Sibicky:

Ranks in game info are reliable. These are retroactively recalculated v5 ranks. Whether you like it or not, these are real ranks under new system.

You’re just jealous of our boi Fuego getting into high dans.

What kind of rank system do we have here if Fuego can get to 8d somehow is another question altogether.

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