Difference between /demos and /reviews

Hi, what is the difference between these two endpoints? I opened the network tab and created a new demo board but saw these two being called back to back. Demos is called first and then review. What do they do in this case?

I don’t think there’s enough info in the screenshot, but I think demos is the POST request to create the game, and review/%% is the GET request for the newly created demo (demos and reviews are served from the same endpoint I guess)

Also, the interesting (aka live update) stuff is going to be transmitted via websocket. If you don’t see websockets in your network pane, try refreshing the page.

My bad I didn’t notice that reviews is a GET endpoint. I read about the web socket for live update api. Does the socket server as the channel to receive any make a move POST request?

I wouldn’t call it a POST request (websocket/socket.io works a little differently than HTTP), but yeah you would need to use the socket api to make a move. Specifically, I think you want to send the “review/append” message.

BTW, here’s how I found that in the network pane: