Differences in scoring


I’ve started learning Go, I’m reading material, trying online games and a few in person with family who are trying to learn so we can play together. I thought I’d mastered scoring. But sometimes when I play a game on BadukPop it scores differently by one or two points and I can’t work out why.

This is the latest one where I have a difference of 2 points.

Yet in the previous two I scored the same as the app. Could anyone please advise on where I might be going wrong in scoring? Thank you

Okay, I think I have this figured out. A number of people have passed up your post, because the way the app displays captures is weird. It appears to be showing only earlier dead stones in the numbers next to the colored stones, which means you have to add what the board shows. Therefore, Black has 36 territory, 23 earlier captures, and 19 more captures on the board for a total of 78. White has 21 territory, 20 earlier captures, and one capture on the board, plus komi of 6.5, giving him 48.5. So the total margin of victory is 29.5, not 27.5.

Edit: Welcome to go and to OGS.


Thank you so so much. That’s a relief as that is what I made it too. I spent way too long on recounting tonight. Thank you again and for your welcome. So pleased I found the forum.