Diplomatic Go 🗡 The First Game

Here’s my attempt at a condensed version of the rules:

There are five players, each with their own color, each trying to claim the largest part of the 9x9 board.

The players submit their moves simultaneously at the same time each day (some moves may take 48 hours instead of 24 hours, if one or more of the players needs some extra time). For instance, after the first day we may have 5 stones on the board already. There are some details about how collisions are handled, and how captures are calculated, but I think for that you have to read the full rules.

The arbiter (@yebellz) will post the updated game board in this thread after each move, along with information about collisions and captures, so I think those details will become clear as the game progresses, even without studying the rules closely.

The players may discuss and share information, form alliances etc. either in this public thread or in private 1-on-1 threads. However, no promises are binding, and a player can betray another whenever they want. In the end, it’s quite likely that there will be a single victorious player, who managed to claim the largest territory by outwitting everyone else.

A small example to illustrate how the capturing rules affect the strategy: Assume that once the board is almost filled up, one player clearly has the most points. They have one big group which has 4 solid eyes, and no external liberties. It may look hopeless for the other players! However, if they manage to all work together (coordinating in the public thread or in a series of 1-on-1 threads, since a 4-way private thread is not allowed), they can still potentially capture that group by playing in all 4 eyes at the same time.

Thus, until you have 5 eyes you’re not completely alive! However, during the game some players may be eliminated (by losing all of their stones on the board), which may decrease this number and make it easier to live.

This became a bit more rambly and a bit less condensed than I intended… hopefully it gives some idea of what the game will look like. But right now we are all very unsure of what’s going to happen, since it’s the first game of its kind!


wdym? I don’t know what that is.

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what does this have to do with anything?

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Here’s how you can find out.

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Werewolf Game 4: Madness of the Martian Mimics

Round 1 Begins

Attention: @le_4TC, @Vsotvep, @Haze_with_a_Z, @李建澔2, @HHG!

The game begins, as these things usually do, with an empty board


You have 24 hours to discuss among yourselves and formulate your moves.
Moves are due at 2020-08-12T00:00:00Z, if the deadline is not extended.

Players, I will soon PM each of you to establish the private message threads for you to submit your moves.

You may discuss the game publicly (in this thread only) and/or privately via 1-on-1 private message threads.

Spectators, please stop using this thread to discuss the game. Use the other thread to discuss general questions about the variant (not specific to this game), and/or join the private kibitz channel (by PMing me) if you want to discuss this game.

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Yay! So, I believe le_4TC is the strongest player. By far. What do you think about teaming against him?

Hehe, I expected this might come up eventually, but maybe not 1 minute after starting :sweat_smile:

Counterpoint: I’ve never played anything like Diplomacy before. And when me and Vsotvep played SAS go (which has some similarities to this game), I got crushed :wink:

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I believe that if it is possible by teamwork to eliminate one of the players, this will not necessarily be worthwhile for all other players, since it might mean sacrificing a potential ally that would otherwise be able to help later, in certain life/death situations. In particular, eliminating players who are not ahead in score can be detrimental to everyone.

As the game will progress, the player who will likely face the most defensive pacts against them, is the player with the best board position. Since there is no board position yet, I don’t think teaming up is necessary at this point in time.

So, it’s in everyone’s interest that we don’t bump into each other on the first move, right? How about finding five moves on the board such that any of us would be happy to take any of them, and then just announce who is going to play which move?

Much appreciated!

PS. I’ve always wanted to tell you that you have the best profile pic on the forum c:


I guess that makes sense. But if four of us each occupy the corners, what about the last person?

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I’m going to play e4 as my first choice.

(get it? because le_4TC? :stuck_out_tongue:)

  1. C4. It is pretty far from E4, though le_4TC can easily invade. Please don’t.
  2. C6. Why not? C3 can live between C6 and E4, and we should be able to fit two more along the right side / top side.
  3. C7. You can’t go wrong with this!
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Alright. I think we should make an agreement; if anybody doesn’t play what they claimed, they aren’t trustworthy. Therefore, we should attack them. This has lots of flaws though, but whatever.

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This only has influence on their trustworthiness with regard to diplomacy. It does not have influence on their board position. We shouldn’t just attack someone because they lied, we should attack someone because it’s the only way to prevent them from winning the game.

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I’ll tentatively say I’m planning to play G6, then.

Also, I’m signing off for the night.

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I know you won’t respond

, but I just think F7 would be better, as at G6, I don’t think you can fit a stone between C6/7 and G6, so there’s no point in placing your stone there. F7 would be better for everybody to find a good spot (Well, le_4TC’s spot is probably going to be the worst, but oh well), as it leaves more space along the right edge.

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no then. I did that on purpose.


I’m gonna play on a corner star point(so c3, c7, g3, g7). Idk which yet though. I might use random.org to determine which ones to use and what order.


I think I might go a corner star point or the center as my first choice.(actually corner first and second then third is center.

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