Diplomatic Go 🗡 The First Game

I wanted to make some clarifications.

  1. You are allowed to reveal what one player said to you in a private chat to another player(s).
  2. You can even copy-paste their words, but I don’t think there is any reliable way to prove that you have not potentially changed them, besides inviting the other player to the private channel (which you are not allowed to do).

Note that private threads can be quoted, however, one can arbitrarily change the text in the quote:

A screenshot can also be easily faked, either by using the developer console (available in all modern browsers) to easily edit the page, or by using a image editing tool to manipulate the screenshot.

Thus, while I think using faked quotes and faked screenshots is okay, it’s probably not worth the effort to go to such trouble, rather than just copy-pasting.

I wanted to say all of this publicly, just so everyone is on the same page about what type of subterfuge is possible.


Quoting this here so it won’t be missed:

Currently we can expect something like the following, if all players will play as they suggested:

[EDIT: updated the picture to display the right coordinates now]

Would everyone be happy with this? I can’t imagine @le_4TC likes this board position…

If you assume there is no information about what the other players do, random.org is a good way to give you a good chance to play one of your favourite moves.

However, people are saying what they will play, so you actually do have information about what the board state will likely become. I’d say it’s better to think of an optimal move considering what the board might look like.

Think about it like this: both you and Vagabond want to get a corner. If you don’t cooperate, you might end up blocking each other twice in a row, which means neither of you gets a corner. On the other hand, by cooperating, you can both get one of the corners, given that nobody else interferes.


[EDIT: updated the pictures to display the right coordinates now]

Perhaps something like this:

This looks roughly balanced, although I think both red and yellow would prefer to move to the 3-4 point if the other player does not, that is, this looks good for red:

But, if both players decide to do so, it may become awkward, but not necessarily unplayable:


I’m not asking to join the kibbitzing chat, so to stay available later if someone need a replacement. (I may have time then.)


I’m fine with that board position!

Remember that none of us know what we are doing :wink:


@Goule and other spectators. This is the game thread, which should only be used by the players and arbiter to make announcements.

For general discussion about the variant (while avoiding discussion about this specific game instance), please use this other thread: Diplomatic Go [variant]

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I like my position there so sure!

Just a reminder to all players that the deadline for round 1 is in less than 4 hours at 2020-08-12T00:00:00Z.

Moves must be submitted via PM to me. Simply stating them in this thread is not sufficient.

If a player misses the deadline, it will be extended by 24 hours, but then they will also be deducted one of their “extra days”.

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Ok, so we’ll go for this position, then.



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didn’t end up randing it though

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Round 1 has been extended by 24 hours

The new deadline is now 2020-08-13T00:00:00Z.

@李建澔2 has been deducted an “extra day” and now has 2 extra days left. Everyone else has 3 extra days left.

All players may continue discussion and change their moves if they wish.

There will be no second extension. Failing to submit by the extended deadline will result in the move being counted as a pass.


Whelp… That’s a bummer, on the first move even…


I forget, if I already submitted, does that still count? If not, I’m gonna have to re-sub my moves.

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You have already submitted moves and those count. You do not have to resubmit unless you want to change them.

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Ok great, thanks! :smiley:

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I just submitted my moves.U probably know what I was busy doing right?

brawl stars or ogs? idk what else you like to do.

Yep.Don’t ask may I decided to play it for like four hours straight.Also btw the moves are confirmed so we have to just wait for yebblz to place it down.

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Since you missed the deadline, it was extended for a full 24 hours. The round will end on 2020-08-13T00:00:00Z, and all players are free to continue discussion and (optionally) change their moves until then.

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