Diplomatic Go 🗡 The Second Game

End of Round 3

Round 3 ended with everybody succeeding in playing their first choice.

Round 4

Round 4 starts with the following position.

Editable demo board

Please submit your next moves before 2020-10-11T20:00:00Z


13x13 was the right choice – I thought it’d be crowded, but I failed to see that the crowding is what makes it fun.


@Vsotvep Could you make another post in our private thread, please? I’ve lost it in my history.

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You must have a lot of pms. I almost accidentally subbed moves on my old pm.

You can find your entire message box by visiting this link


Note to all that it’s possible to bookmark private message threads as well. Also, if you keep a private scratch space in a private message to yourself, you can save links to all of the threads (including private message threads) that you wish to keep track of.


End of Round 4

The first moves of image@martin3141 and image@bugcat collided on D4 and both succeeded in playing their second move. All other players played their first move.

Round 5

Round 5 starts with the following position.

Editable demo board

Please submit your next moves before 2020-10-12T20:00:00Z


First collision! I was surprised that we have managed three rounds without colliding (good cooperation everybody!) and was wondering when it would happen for the first time.


Are we to take it that B5 is a joint attack with martin, @PiggyStardust?

I didn’t know you were going to play there. What kind of attack would that be?

From this I assumed you were more of a flatterer than you now appear to be…

@bugcat, I offered you a compromise in Round 3, namely that we both connect our stones and make peace. You declined and played C3, which I take as a declaration of war. While I support the peaceful cooperation promoted by The Sky and friends, I did also write in my introductory post

I intend to keep my word and do my best to defend against this invasion.

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I offered you a compromise

And I made you a counter-proposal, after which you walked away from negotiations, may I remind you.

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The counter-proposal where you capture my stone doesn’t seem very fair to me.

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Couldn’t help but compute how likely this is. Turns out that 4 rounds is exactly what we should expect if everyone plays randomly (and assuming captured stones remain on the board, for simplicity):

The chance that there are no collisions in a round when there are N empty intersections and K people is N! / (N^K · (N-K)!).
For round 1 that’s equal to 169/169 · 168/169 · … · 162/169 ≈ 84.5%.
In round 2 we’re having 161/161 · 160/161 · … · 164/169 ≈ 83.8%
Round 3 has ≈ 83.0%
Round 4 has ≈ 82.2%

So the chance that rounds 1 to 3 have no collisions is 84.5% · 83.8% · 83.0% ≈ 58.8%, and that rounds 1 to 4 have no collisions is 84.5% · 83.8% · 83.0% · 82.2% ≈ 48.3%.


wait what? is that good or bad before or now?

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Now it’s good to know, at least. Not that good that they are so engaging towards me just when in desperate need while not being heard of the rest of the time. I wonder what all those pms might mean. I also wonder how bugcat thinks they can be trusted this way. If a greeting conceals an interest, it also conceals a price.

Even though I want to establish a good relationship with everyone interested in doing so, I’d recommend not to trust such behaviours. Bugcat, with their last comment, seems not to care too much about cooperation, and to ask for battle with unfounded accusations. Maybe they have provisional allies, but to them I ask: do you really trust bugcat?

“He who blinks too much shall lose an eye”. Or more…


I resign!

Good game, everyone.

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Just for general information:

Resigning is not a valid move in this game. It was in the previous game, but has been removed, since the elimination mechanic has changed. Players can submit a move by giving coordinates or by playing passes.

Furthermore, only moves submitted via PM are valid, a declaration in the public chat is in no way binding.


Alright, I “graciously excuse myself from the game, with the intention not to play again and the hope not to be further notified.”

: D

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In light of this new development, I am not submitting a move within the first half of this 48-hour submission period…


In the absence of move submissions from @kingkaio, @bugcat and @Maharani, Round 5 will be extended 24 hours.

The new deadline is 2020-10-13T20:00:00Z.
N.B.: Per the rules, players who fail to submit moves before the extended deadline will be replaced.