Diplomatic Go

I do have some color-blindness, so the rightmost two colors here look very similar to me. I would suggest not excluding black and white when playing with more people, but with so few players it shouldn’t be hard to find three colors that work for everyone anyways. I can take the red color in that diagram for this game.

  1. I don’t really care. Something that you think will make the game work and not fall apart with this many people.

  2. Timings. I wouldn’t wanna go faster than 12hr per move. At some point it would get long too so I also don’t really want like a week per move. Multiple of 24hrs as suggested would def make it easier to remember the timings and go between time zones so I support that idea. I think somewhere from 12hr-3d would work well for me timings wise, although I don’t want an annoying time setting like 42hr, 37min. Please not that complicated.

  3. Contacting. Idk. I’m good with discord or some pm system on here. Can’t really think of anything else I use much for messaging that isn’t a game. I’d like to hear whatever we end up deciding though ahead of time.

  4. I don’t think so, idk.


Yeah 24hr phases works for me. Also yeah, I’m good with discord. I was kinda getting worried I’d have to sign up for some random thing that I’ve never heard of.


Also, if everyone wants to do live, I don’t need to play.

If we are doing correspondence though, I want my color to be green.


Ok, we have three players signed up so far:

  1. @Vsotvep (darkish blue)
  2. @le_4TC (red)
  3. @Haze_with_a_Z (green)

So, far everyone seems fine with 9x9 and chat allowed via PMs on this forum and Discord. Note: if additional players join, and they do not want to use Discord, then I think we should disallow all use of that channel by everyone, in order to fairly constrain how everyone can communicate. Voice-based communication may be more efficient and give different cues, so this is just to keep everyone on the same playing field.

@Vsotvep, just to confirm, are you okay with this timing proposal?

Hopefully, we can get another or two signed up. Let’s give it over the weekend to recruit, but if no one else joins, is everyone okay with starting with 3-players on 2020-08-11T00:00:00Z, and continuing with 24-hour rounds (plus the possibility of flexible 24-hour delays) from there?

Okay, if more people sign up, let’s open use of black and white, to ensure that we can maintain sufficient contrast.

Here are two updated color palette proposals. I’ve checked them via the tool that @Vsotvep suggested, but please let me know if there are any issues.



Which color scheme do you prefer?

  • First
  • Second
  • Other (please post suggestion)

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Note: this poll is open to everyone. I also want the colors to be compatible for the spectators as well. Please feel free to suggest additional schemes, or other advice for choosing colorblind-friendly palettes.


I’m interested!


Could you try putting a black outline around the stones? I think that will be a little easier on the eyes.


Great! Do the game parameters discussed above work for you? 9x9, 24 hrs per round, communication via forums PM and Discord.

What color do you prefer?

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Here are some options with a black outline:



I think I like the first option with outline the most. What does everyone think/prefer?


I concur.


Could I participate?But unfortunately I don’t want to use discord as chat , I use other vc’s.Also @le_4TC can u please do a YT vid on it.


What’s a vc?


I’m guessing “voice chat”.


Of course, @李建澔2, you are welcome to join.

Do the suggested game parameters, such as the 24 hour timing scheme, work for you? Which color do you prefer?

Regarding external chat/voice software (like Discord and other services), I think it should only be allowed if all of the players unanimously wish to use it. Without consensus, I think we should fall back on using only these forums (PMs and the game thread). Other communication systems might alter the efficiency of communication and change its fundamental nature (like offering audiovisual cues to reveal deception), so I think it’s important for all of the players to be on the same playing field in terms of communication.


24 hours would be good.I would prefer any color that isn’t pink purple black white and magenta.


Unfortunately the red and green look very similar to me in the first picture, so I would prefer the second one. Sorry for being an extra problem :sweat_smile:


No worries, @le_4TC. Thank you for your patience and feedback as I figure out the color issues. I’ll go back to the drawing board and upload something later. I’m open to other suggestions for color design as well.

It seems that @李建澔2’s preferences leaves shades of yellow, orange, and brown to consider. I’ll work on incorporating that as well.


We could also ask @le_4TC to pick four colours that work, perhaps the easier route?


Do these colors work?Actually i have a lot more colors if this doesn’t work,


The second suggestion from @yebellz was fine, and could be combined with some bright yellow for instance. Otherwise the palette from @李建澔2 also looks good to me!