"Disable AI Review" does not hide the winrate changes

After you disable AI review with a fully AI analyzed game, you should not see any numbers on the board, but I do see some numbers left over in the, say, 100 to 109 moves (I disable AI review at move 100 in analyze mode). Another issue is, when I disable AI review, the current move goes to the last move, I have to go back again. Ideally, disable/enable should be done without any other side effects.
Thanks in advance.


Yes, it’s highly distracting.

I now created 2 github issues


It seems disable AI review now is almost fixed.

There’s an intermittent issue: if I disable AI review, and then enable AI review at some other move, I see some numbers without color, which seem to be another bug. I am not sure whether this only happens when I disable and then enable.

That is not a bug, they are genuine variations. The green background means nothing™.


That’s amazing! :smiley:

I see another issue.

When I disable AI review, and play a move which is also an AI move with a variation, in this case, the application displays the AI variation even if I have already disabled AI review, although the AI variation disappears when I play another follow-up move. It is arguable that no AI thing should appear when AI review is disabled.

Thanks again.

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