Disable Chat arguments

I know this topic has been brought up before, but here are some good arguments for making chat an optional feature:

  • You don’t get distracting or offensive messages during play. Yes, one could block someone or report abuse, but why even bother with all that if we can just not communicate with our opponents as an option?

  • You are telling your opponents that you aren’t interested in chatting, as a favor to them. This means, even if you find a way around disabling chat such as Zen mode, an official option would be more considerate, so your opponent isn’t wasting his or her time typing anything. It could be “known” to both players that chat is turned off by someone.

  • I don’t know all the ins and outs of how to add this code to the site, but perhaps another suggestion is: the option on each game itself could have Chat on or off, the way that we turn Handicap on or off, or turn Rated on or off, etc.


Most players don’t chat or few words only.
Still we say hi gg and thank you, that’s basic politeness.
Chat is helpful when there is an external problem interfering in the game like bad connection, mom asking to go to sleep, chicken burning in the oven ir even some more dramatic events.

Chat is used for reviews sometimes.
Chat is used by kibbitzer, or teacher for later analysis.

So yes you can decide to not care on all this.But maybe it is not what OGS wants to promote.


Agreed, if you don’t want it, don’t use it. Zen mode works well.


If you have opportunity to play on a phone (like me) you will never see the chat unless you scroll down which is for me more an inconvenience, an indicator would be very appreciated.


I believe we already have this feature in the form of Zen mode.

Reporting rude opponents is best, since we can chatban such users, making sure they don’t insult the opponents after you either. :slight_smile:

This is another option, you could also resize your browser window for a similar experience on your computer.

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Yes, I appreciate your points and they are valid- Zen mode is great. But there’s still that 2nd bullet point (and also having to read possible rude comments after a game and we’re analyzing etc…

I would say that a good compromise would be that it’s a game option someone could set up. Then they know whoever accepts their challenge is accepting that it’s a chat game, or a non-chat game.

Zen mode doesn’t show the clock…
Edit: nevermind

What are you on about? The clock is the only thing besides the board and the pass button that is shown in Zen mode.


They’re referring to the glory days when pure zen mode only showed the board and nothing else, as it should be :heart:


2d bullet to be honest would be to activate zen mode in your opponent screen when you chose it so he surely will not talk to you.

But actually would an automatic chat message saying “opponent in Zen mode” when you activate Zen mode be a solution to letting the opponent know that you will not see chat?


Yep. That could come in the chat box indeed. (And the reverse msg too: opponent quit the zen mode)

This is a good idea. I use zen mode and worry I’m the one being rude.