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Please, please add this feature.

It is essentially impossible for me to play slow live games here. In every such game I start (and I do not exaggerate) the opponent at some point makes a snarky comment about me being too slow (having accepted the time control I proposed, of course). And my nerves being what they are, I cannot properly concentrate from that point on.

I know that I can moderate every opponent as the game starts, but that is a chore, and I often forget to undo it afterwards. So I don’t do it, and continue suffering.


From the past 25 games you played, in game chat only one opponent made a snarky comment, so maybe some exaggeration. That’s still not acceptable though, I find that in low kyu’s a lot of people don’t like waiting for there opponents to make moves.

On the flip-side though I see weaker players setting 1 hour main times for 9x9 games… and using most of the time. Which is just far to much imo.

Should be relatively easy to move the game window so that the chat is outside of the monitor. Easy fix.

Or actually there is a better way, just press the malkovich log button on the chat and you won’t see the chat anymore.

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The best way to disable in-game chat is by flipping to Malkovich logs instead. Let me know if you have a hard time finding it, but the button is just above the chat box on the right. Third button from the left, looks like a book.

Beyond that, despite your claims to the contrary, it seems like you are grossly exaggerating, and beyond that, lash out disproportionately and in highly unfriendly ways on the rare game where someone does happen to make a comment. In your last game, I think it’s possible your opponent was attempting to communicate a suggestion rather than overt criticism, and you immediately throw a fit over it.


The 20 or more live games before the last one were throwaway games - all 9x9 even games as White, just to train myself in that highly unfriendly terrain. They don’t count.

If you look beyond those, you’ll see that the degree of exaggeration is much smaller.

Are you really saying that “play fast, lose fast” is a “suggestion”? REALLY?

IMO any talking to your opponent is inappropriate, unless he/she is your friend IRL, or you two agree to terms beforehand. I’m not a tournament player IRL (yet), but what would happen if you say such a thing to your opponent’s face? I hope there are regulations for that, and that the consequence would be a warning from the TD, if not worse.

Now with all this off topic stuff taken care of, back to hiding chat. I do see the Malkovich button, and I trust you when you say it will help me not see the chat. But what will it actually do?

if you move the chat off of the screen, don’t you also hide the game timers?

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i guess you mean that, since in most of your games there is not even a “hi” or “good game!”. that is unfortunate!

the malkovic log is intended for you to write down your thoughts on moves and positions during the course of a game and use the notes for reviewing. it is also visible to observers, there will, however, be no chat in your log and your opponent cant see what you type in it till after the game.

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I had looked through closer to 50 games, finding almost no incidences of what you’re claiming.

Are you really saying that “play fast, lose fast” is a “suggestion”? REALLY?

Yes, I really am stating that, depending on one’s mastery of English, or even based on the inherent lack of inflection from text alone, it very well could have been echoing the very common wisdom in go that one should strive to play more games rather than waste time reading out moves badly, at least starting off. You know, lose your first 50/100 games as quickly as possible and all that. It could have meant many things, but to be honest, I think you have such tunnel vision that you would take someone saying “hello” as a slight against your play speed at this point.

IMO any talking to your opponent is inappropriate, unless he/she is your friend IRL, or you two agree to terms beforehand.

It’s ok to have that opinion, but you have to realize that OGS is more community-oriented, so that opinion is unlikely to be shared here. I’ve made a few friends on here by talking with them in games. Also helps to build up a community of people whom I’d enjoy playing again.

But what will it actually do?

It’s the Malkovich log (of Being John Malkovich fame), which is like chat, but anything you type there is only visible to anyone else after the game. The idea is to write up your reasoning behind a move, what you’re trying to do, etc., so that you and/or your opponent/spectators can review it post-game. It’s fairly rarely used, except in some of the teaching groups, so you’re unlikely to see anything there especially in a live game, and if you do, it will likely just be comments about moves once the game’s over.

EDIT: Oh, and as for the tournament regulations nonsense, this isn’t a tournament; it’s a go server. Even most real life games aren’t tournaments. In real life, if you encountered someone like that, you wouldn’t play with them anymore, but if you did that to everyone, you’d run out of people to play with. In that event, you’d hopefully come to the logical conclusion that the problem may in fact lie with you. I’m not saying to speed up your play if you don’t want to, I’m saying perhaps take a step back and reevaluate how you’re reacting to these situations. I say this because, from what I’ve seen, you’ve been far more abrasive than any of your opponents anyway.

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