Disabled analysis?

Hi there,

In the custom games section of the “Play” page, it has several columns, for time, name of game, size of the board, and so on. But… one thing I think it is lacking is that it does not state if a game has analysis tools disabled or enabled.

I’m aware that if you hover your mouse over the graph and blip of a game it does share this information, but I figure that this is the sort of thing that should also have a column of its own in the custom games section on the “Play” page.

I think this is more important now than it was a few weeks ago is because of score estimation being a thing that is now considered part of the analysis tools, and with that being disabled with the game analysis feature, its something that people will want to know by simply looking at a game request I think.


I for one like that the score estimator is taken away with the analysis tools.


So something like this?



Absolutelly on on the mark there my dude.

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I mean… We might not use “Anal. tools”… :wink: