Disappearance of the Report Counter

My report counter (the triangular icon in the command line) has disappeared. Is this a bug? Has anyone else experienced this?

I can’t see any report counter either.

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This may be a bug introduced during some new developments in moderation (still in progress)

I’ll see if I can find what I broke: it definitely hasn’t disappeared on purpose :sweat_smile:


I found what I broke, and have submitted the fix … should be live before too long…


Some of my report are from more than a Month ago and thé button disapeared too. Plus, error message when I tried a New report. IS it only about “bug” :smirk: or did something changed with moderation implication ?

As I said, we’re working on improved systems to support moderation - so yes “something is changing for moderation”, and it is definitely a bug that the report counter disappeared. The fix is in the queue to be released.

(I nagged anoek about it, he’s on it :slight_smile: )

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Appears to be back online :partying_face:

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