Disconnected from a game

Hi, yesterday I was disconnected from this game: https://online-go.com/game/25497507

It was not an issue with my internet as I was able to access other websites, it appears to have been a problem with the server. The match was in the endgame and based on the AI win% and estimated score I was winning by a landslide. But instead due to this technical error I lost the game, and my ranking actually decreased from 16kyu to 17kyu as a result. Is there anything that can be done about the loss in ranking, at least removing the damage to my rank, or even changing this to a win for me? Thanks.

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Yes, you’re right about the network problems, although it was not a problem with the server, but with cloudflare (an intermediary between you and the server).

I have annulled the game for you, so it will not count towards your or your opponent’s rating. Changing the outcome of games is unfortunately not something we can do for you.