Disconnection message

Hello there. I’ve just played a game where my connection was down, but i didn’t get any notification about that. Instead of this i just saw my opponent’s time going. When i realized that i was offline, i’ve already lost by disconnection. And without any disconnection alert.
Please, fix this, as it would be much better to know what’s going on. Thank you.

hi. i may be incorrect but would guess that in a browser system as soon as you disconnect the server code wont be able to inform you of anything.

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Surely the brower code could check regularly and indicate when the server cannot be reached? I have seen many chess sites do it, so I definitely think it is possible.

It is possible but will the impact of all the clients paging every 10 secs to see if they can still contact the server outweigh the small advantages of people who don’t notice that their internet has dropped?

Does depend on how the client is written. I am assuming a light language like javascript but it could be anything.