Disconnection Penalty

Would it be possible to disqualify a user that has disconnected more than 5 times in a game - Foxy does it. Also the disconnection time should be shortened to 3 minutes maximum. It normally does not take longer than 2 minutes to reconnect, if you really lose your connection. I am asking, because I am sure some of my opponents use a practice session / AI to play against me. They disconnect after every move for a shortish time and then come back and play an excellent move. If I wanted to play against a machine, I would do so. But now I don’t.

BTW, I love the new sounds and its configurability! Keep up the good work…

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There was a recent thread where the disconnection time was discussed, and it was concluded that the current number was probably right.

We are “thinking about” automated detection and action against “escapers”, though I don’t think that there are any solid proposals on the table yet.

Report this, using the “Report” button on the right hand panel on the game page.

We will deal with it.



He means the “Call Moderator” button.


Just something to consider - from my experience this behavior is not really an indication of AI use. There is no reason (it would only make things harder) to close the game each time one was switching to external programs.

It is more commonly seen when opponent is playing simultaneous games.


everyone with mobile internet in underground will lose
KGS for unknown reason disconnected me often, so I escaped from it to OGS, it can work on ANY unusual device that able to use internet, you can always refresh tab in browser if something goes wrong. Paranoid security system will make OGS as bad as desktop Go servers.


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