Discord Baduk Bot

What are people’s thoughts on a Discord Go Bot? There are a few Go apps, plenty of servers, a few websites; we have pretty much made Go API for every platform. Well except Discord :thinking:

I personally would love to play Go with friends in a Discord server without having to possibly ask them to make an account at an unfamiliar website, on a game they may or may not know. It would be so much simpler if there was a Go bot. Luckily, there already is one in the making! But it is still young, and there is no information yet on how to put it into your server (that I can find; I am talking to the developer now). It is still a beacon of hope though; finally we can play while we text (which beats OGS’s game chat, no offense :sweat_smile:)!

Hopefully more people add to this project and further build this awesome innovation :grin:


Sorry for the late answer!

I made this botie to play rengo https://github.com/ReneCareenium/rengobot. It is running nicely in the AwesomeBaduk discord channel. You can drop by and see if it is what you are looking for! For now it has implemented three different rengo modes: free play (everyone can play the next move), teams (there is a queue for each team to play the next move) and vs teachers (if your discord server has strong players, this allows for the students to discuss the next move before playing!).

Please let me know if you would like to know more. Right now I am hosting it in an AwesomeBaduk server, so I have to ask them for permission before inviting it to other servers. I am not part of their team, I just made this bot for them. If you have some machine you can run it from, I can help you set it up!