Discord Baduk Bot

What are people’s thoughts on a Discord Go Bot? There are a few Go apps, plenty of servers, a few websites; we have pretty much made Go API for every platform. Well except Discord :thinking:

I personally would love to play Go with friends in a Discord server without having to possibly ask them to make an account at an unfamiliar website, on a game they may or may not know. It would be so much simpler if there was a Go bot. Luckily, there already is one in the making! But it is still young, and there is no information yet on how to put it into your server (that I can find; I am talking to the developer now). It is still a beacon of hope though; finally we can play while we text (which beats OGS’s game chat, no offense :sweat_smile:)!

Hopefully more people add to this project and further build this awesome innovation :grin: