Discourse is bugging me

I know this is probably a Discourse bug, but maybe it needs another reboot or something. Or maybe it’s just me after all.

When I click on someone’s handle here, the page jumps to the top as if someone had pressed [Home], then the user card is shown under the OGS banner. Comme ça:

Intended behavior: show user card above handle I just clicked on.
Change noticed: A few days ago.



I see the same.

In a long thread it is even worse - the page scrolls up by about 20 posts, and then the user information is displayed partially hidden by the banner, and then only very briefly, before the page scrolls slightly again.

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Yes, it is an annoying problem that I seem to have as well. When I click on someone’s forum account, their top information is almost completely hidden (profile background, picture, etc.)

Oh my phone it scrolls down

I think that behavior might have existed for some time, and it might be the intended behavior. If your reply to a specific post comes right after that specific post, it doesn’t bother showing the “replied to [person]” link in the top right. However, if there was an intervening post, it will put that link there.

Either way, I think the person gets notified that their specific post was replied to.



Your test post sent me a notification

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Summoning @anoek … maybe he can give the forum software a kick in its digital ass …

I did an upgrade, it looks like they fixed it :slight_smile:


It appears to be partially fixed… at least for me. Now when I click on a user for the little window that gives the brief info of that particular user it works fine. However, when I actually go into that user’s forum profile, most of the top section is chopped out without a way to see it. Does anyone else have the same problem, or is it just me?

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Yeah, I have the same problem. I can’t see the fancy background graphic that I uploaded to my profile anymore.

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Seems fine on my Pixel C…

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To clarify, if I go to my profile page:

  1. I do not see my background image at the top (behind my name).
  2. If I click on the “Expand” button, the entire top section (including my name) disappears.

This is happening on Firefox on a Linux machine and on Chrome on a Windows machine.

By the way, the upgrade by @anoek did seem to fix the other issue on my desktop browsers, but a problem still persists on mobile Chrome on an Android smartphone. Similar to as reported by @flovo, the forum just scrolls the page down when I try to click on a user name/circle.

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No more problems here.

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Just tried latest Windows 10 on latest Chrome and Firefox and nothing seems wrong.

I don’t have a background image…

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I initially thought it was a background image related issue after hearing about the experience of everyone else, but then I also remembered that @smurph has a background image, and he says it is working fine from his end. hmm… :thinking:

I am on a Windows 8.1 machine with Google Chrome.

Edit: I just realized that even those that don’t have a background image don’t work on my end, so that probably rules out my initial theory.

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I don’t have a background image but it shows MGB’s and trohde’s just fine, didn’t bother checking anyone else’s. :slight_smile:

Get Linux and/or get Firefox. Chrome needs to die anyway.


Oh, for some reason I thought you did, sorry about that. Yes, I have Firefox as well for my little brother’s OGS account. I am more supportive of Firefox than Chrome, but I use Chrome because it seems like a lot of sites are configured a little better for Chrome as things seem to usually be displayed better. Maybe there is a way to fix this though that I am not aware of. But yes I give a double thumbs up for your anti-Google viewpoint. It scares me more and more when I hear about all of the tracking they do.

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