Discussion about Q16,Q14,R14,R13,R15,Q13,[O17]

At position Q16,Q14,R14,R13,R15,Q13, @Kosh started the conversation:

What is wrong with this compared to the correct play on 4,6? Am I wrong to assume that this would secure the corner?

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@dragon-devourer said:

Do you mean black 7 at 017 instead of o16? Or black 2 at o16 instead of r14? There is some discussion of both here: 4-4 point high approach at Sensei's Library

( FYI @aesalon )

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Yes. Thankyou for clarifying. I meant Black 7 at O17 and I commented in that ‘experiment’ variation but the comment seems only to be stored in existing variations.

The Sensei’s Library link gets close to mentioning it with this very similar:

This is exactly what I was talking about:


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@aesalon said:

O17 looks good. I can’t really tell why O16 is so preferred by pros but my guess is that in a situation where white chooses Q14, access to the center is a bit more important than securing the corner.

( FYI @aesalon )