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I think that the pincers are used when the opponent has that lower right corner(even walls) often enough that I would clarify that description.

( FYI @shinuito )

If you were to look at games with these half-board positions, pros would pincer or back off at a nearly equal rate(50% pincer). If you change the lower left enclosure to a single star point, they would only pincer around 25% of the time.

Yeah, “existing position” is too general, and “is considered” raises the question “by whom”? It needs a source. Josekipedia lists two outdated sources, so I wouldn’t use those. I’ll see if Redmond has mentioned anything on it later.

EDIT: I fixed it up.

I know I was tagged in this, but I assume it was in reference to mark’s description. I can’t remember if I gave a description before the edit, or if I probably just gave the three space pincer title.

I thought it was a nice way to include some double approach joseki before passes were available, and they were in the Get strong at joseki book.

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