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Yeonwoo has a new video that tells us B is preferred. However, I (like a commenter on that video) feel like her exploration of the good outcomes rests on the whole board position she showed.

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The commenter asked “what if black doesn’t have the stone?”, which is a san-ren-sei star point.

She said “it’s still fine”. I guess the wall built in gote still faces black’s corner in that case.

I do wonder what if there were white stones in the bottom right instead of black.

Maybe the answer would be “then don’t use this Joseki - Joseki aren’t correct for every situation”.

@aesalon said:

She does that with many of her videos. In this case, I know that her opionion is definitely shared by most current pros in a variety of situations.

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This would be a useful example (A vs B) to use in a conversation about variation ordering.

Saying that B is preferred passes fact-checking.

Case for A(Q13)
Historically the only joseki move. (The wedge of C being an uncommon special-case joseki)

Case for B(R15)
Professionals recently play it more than A
AI believe it’s better than A in most situations
One recent source claiming it is preferred (with no contradicting sources)


@Kerrad said:

Why this joseki is less used compared to the O17 keima, the results seem really good for black , I’m having hard time to attack the top side of the board after this

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