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At position R16,P16,P17,O17,Q17,O16,R14, @BHydden started the conversation:

Trying to edit this to “White gets the top” “Black gets sente” but it wouldn’t let me save the changes.

( FYI @mark5000 )

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Two things:

  1. A bug is currently preventing changes to the dictionary. @Eugene is looking into it.

  2. “White gets the top” is fine. But White can indeed take sente there, as seen in several recent pro games. See http://ps.waltheri.net/422174 . Maybe change “Joseki: done” to just “Position is settled” to make it clearer that tenuki isn’t the main line.


The PR to fix the editing issue is submitted. The problem arose when the blanks screen fix was applied. How those two are connected is a twisty tale :slight_smile:

Just need @anoek check & deploy.


@S_Alexander said:

I’ve seen a few times White playing Q15 in this shape. Not immediately but when there’re some stones on the top already. Don’t know why though, shape looks weird.

( FYI @mark5000 )

I’ve actively avoided this joseki for the past 2+ years. It does feel strange seeing when pros/AI pick that peep or push at the star point right away or do neither. I haven’t noticed the pattern. :thinking: