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At position R16,P17,Q15,L17,O16, @gnt101 started the conversation:

This type of move is comonly refered to as shoulder hit.

( FYI @mark5000 )

I thought “shoulder hit” was more common terminology when the move is in isolation - there is no nearby relation of the “shoulder hit move” to a friendly stone. Taken to the extreme, for example, one would certainly never call a netting move a “shoulder hit” even though it might be diagonal from a single opposing stone.

In this case, more specifically, I’d call this a “press” or a “knight move press”. For example: https://senseis.xmp.net/?Press

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I don’t see a reason to make a header for every move type we can name. The headings at the moment are usually for the first three or four moves which are used in conversation to identify the joseki - “3-4, low approach, two space high pincer”…

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